Founded by Dr. Nurper Ghokan and carried on by Dr. Lara Beaty, the Psychology Club is an organization set forth to establish camaraderie between students who share the like interest of psychology. The organization fosters the advancement of knowledge for its students by providing a relaxed and informal social gathering for people who share the same interests to meet and generate thoughts.

The Psychology Club is a club where students get together and share their views about psychological issues, explore new theories through discussions and projects they conduct, and discover the different personalities that make up individuals and group dynamics. The group hopes to provide a better understanding of the society in which we live, as well as other cultures. The primary goal of this club is to help students understand people and their behaviors. The group is not designed to alter students' opinions, but rather to provide a safe and friendly environment for them to express and share opinions. This club will offer its members the opportunity to better understand themselves and each other. These goals are accomplished through films, discussion groups, speakers, and social gatherings. For those students who are either pursuing psychology as a major or a minor, membership information on the American Psychological Association and Psi Chi is provided.

Membership for the Psychology Club is open to all currently enrolled students at LaGuardia. To become a member, want to receive information of our upcoming events or have a suggestion, please visit the website provided below.

The Psychology Club is a student run club which hosts many interesting events, each semester and features nationally renowned psychologists from different fields of psychology, who come to share their research and their contribution to psychology. Members of the Psychology Club also discuss the topics of every day life and involve themselves in fun activities that open up their mind and their understanding of how the human psyche functions.