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Student Development Server


Conditions of Use

  • LaGuardia Community College reserves the right to inspect, remove, limit, or
    restrict any Web Pages.
  • Users may not exceed disk space allocated by the System Manager, nor can they run excessive network traffic.
  • LaGuardia Community College disclaims responsibility for the contents of
    individual Web Pages linked to its server.
  • Users may not use another person's account.
  • Web pages with time-sensitive information need to be updated regularly.
  • Users are required to comply with the rules and regulations
    governing the use of computers as stated in City University of
    New York Computer User Responsibilities, which is attached
    to and incorporated in this statement of policy.
  • Commercial Use

    The use of the LaGuardia Community College Web Pages and other computer resources
    for conducting any kind of commercial activity is not permitted.

    Violation of Copyright Law

    Copyright violation is against the law. Many publications, photographs,
    and works of art are protected by copyright law. Users may not re-publish on Web Pages any copy-righted materials such as short stories, poems,
    photographs, or any other copyrighted images, sounds, or text without a
    prior copyright release.


    Be warned that individuals can be sued for libel, defamation of character,
    or simply violation of privacy when they knowingly post private, incorrect,
    and/or damaging information about other people, organizations, groups, or

    Software Piracy

    Software piracy is against the law and punishable by fines or jail. Users may
    not copy or distribute commercial software or announce the availability of
    Internet sites where pirated software may be available.

    Who May Link Web Pages to
    or through the LaGuardia Community College Server

    When consistent with the policies outlined in this document and with the
    approval of the Systems Manager, the following departments, offices, and
    individuals may link their home pages to or through the LaGuardia Community College Web
    Server: Divisions, academic departments, disciplines, programs, offices, and centers.
    Individual faculty and staff members.

    Students whose Web Pages are part of academic work at LaGuardia Community College and are approved by their instructors. These student pages will be deleted at the end of each semester.

    Student Government and student clubs whose Web Pages are
    approved by the Vice President of Student Life and Development.


    Any violation of the rules stated in this document and in City University
    of New York Computer User Responsibilities shall be referred for a recommendation of appropriate disciplinary action.


    Note: City University of New York Computer User Responsibilities is a
    statement originally prepared by the University's computer Policy Committee.
    It underwent review by the University Faculty Senate and the CUNY Office
    of the Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs.

    The computer resources* of The City University of New York must be used
    in a manner that is consistent with the University's educational purposes and
    environment. All users of computer resources are expected to act in a spirit
    of mutual respect and cooperation, and to adhere to the regulations for their
    use set forth in this document. As a user of CUNY computer resources:

    You must have a valid authorized account to use computer
    resources that require one and may use only those computer
    resources that are specifically authorized. You may use your
    account only in accordance with its authorized purposes and
    may not use an unauthorized account for any purpose.
    You are responsible for the safeguarding of your computer
    account. For a mainframe computer account, you should
    change your password frequently and should not disclose it
    to anyone. You should take all necessary precautions in
    protecting the account, no matter what type of computer
    resources you are using.
    You may not circumvent system protection facilities.
    You may not knowingly use any system to produce
    system failure or degraded performance.
    You may not engage in unauthorized duplication, alteration
    or destruction of data, programs or software. You may not
    transmit or disclose data, programs or software belonging to
    others and may not duplicate copyrighted material.
    You may not engage in abusive or improper use of computer
    hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with
    equipment, unauthorized attempts at repairing equipment and
    unauthorized removal of equipment components.
    You may not use computer resources for private purposes,
    including, but not limited to, the use of computer resources for
    profit making or illegal purposes.
    You may not use computer resources to engage in abuse
    of computer personnel or other users. Such abuse includes
    the sending of abusive, anonymous, or unsolicited messages
    within CUNY or beyond via network facilities.
    The use of college computer resources may be subject to college
    regulations, and you are expected to be familiar with those regulations.
    These regulations and college regulations are subject to revision.
    You are expected to be familiar with any revisions in regulations.
    The University reserves the right to monitor under appropriate conditions, all
    data contained in the system to protect the integrity of the system and to
    insure compliance with regulations.
    Any user who is found to be in violation of these rules shall be subject
    to the following:

    Suspension and/or termination of computer privileges;
    Disciplinary action by appropriate college and/or University officials;
    Referral to law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution;
    Other legal action, including action to recover civil
    damages and penalties.

    * "Computer Resources" is an inclusive term referring to any and all
    computing/information technology: hardware, software and access.
    Hardware includes, but is not limited to, terminals, personal computers,
    workstations, printers, mice, monitors, cabling, peripheral devices.
    Software includes, but is not limited to, mainframe shared software,
    networked software, and stand-alone software residing on personal
    computers. Access includes, but is not limited to, accounts on
    timesharing systems as well as access to standalone personal computing systems and other relevant technology.

    2002 - LaGuardia Community College