Amnesty International Chapter at LaGuardia Community College

About Chapter


Amnesty International Chapter has been established, by Shahram Hashemi, an Honor Business major student at LaGuardia Community College on November 2001.

Amnesty International works

Please be advised that AI is an impartial organization that does not align itself with any political creed and we are not affiliated with any political system. Also AI has a golden rule and that is that we do not work on issues in our own country except in the US where AIUSA is allowed to work against the death penalty and on legislative issues. The reason we have this rule is to promote a universal concept of human rights as well as to protect human rights defenders in their own country where it is dangerous for people to be working on certain issues.

We look forward to making the AI Chapter in "The World's Community College" an effective forum to inform about human rights issues and to act to protect the rights of everyone in our increasingly interconnected world community.


Amnesty Candle
Amnesty Candle